Best Clamp Meters Review [Top 7 in 2021]

Clamp meters are one of the most important electrical instruments that are required by electric professionals on a daily basis. Even if you’re not a professional, it’s always a handy instrument to have in your residence for emergency purposes. So, it’s important that you get the best clamp meters to do the job right.

Generally, clamp meters denote instruments that take part in determining the current flow within a conductor.

Clamp meters provide a safe and convenient method of experimenting with electric currents, so you know that it’s always got your back. This is also an essential instrument that aids in most electrical troubleshooting.

The best thing about these instruments is that you can use these without any stripping wires! Therefore, it is undoubtedly important that you pick the correct clamp meter to get your work done smoothly.

You don’t have to worry because we’ve categorized 7 amazing clamp meters for you to select from. We’ve included features of each product so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Our 7 Best Clamp Meters Review

It can be quite difficult to find the right clamp meter that can meet your requirements. Here are 7 ideal clamp meters that can do the job for you:

1. Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

This digital clamp meter from Fluke is a highly unique product with some pretty good features. If you’re looking for a good-quality clamp meter, you can give this a shot.

With an AC current of 400 amp, including AC and DC voltage of 600V, you know that this clamp meter will not fail you. It is also provided with a resistance of 4 kilo-ohms, so it will work well enough for both residential and professional purposes.

The clamp meter has a true RMS sensing meter that allows you to get error-free readings.

Another unique feature of this clamp meter is that the waveform does not have any effect on the reading accuracy. So, whether you’re determining linear loads or non-linear ones, the accuracy will be accurate no matter what.

It comes with an audible continuity sensor that is responsible for providing validation to the electricity conducted by the circuit. Overall, these are some pretty decent features for a clamp meter.


  • Ideal for both linear and non-linear loads
  • Provides maximum accuracy
  • True RMS sensing meter helps in obtaining error-free readings
  • Determines AC current correctly


  • Does not include slots for any probes

2. Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter

This is another great digital clamp meter from Etekcity. Etekcity always makes great instruments, and this one is no exception.

From small projects to medium ones, there’s nothing this digital clamp meter can’t do. No matter what kind of conductivity measurements you want to determine, this clamp meter will take care of it for you.

It is designed to measure both AC and DC voltage levels and only AC levels in terms of resistance. The clamp meter also offers a range of diodes as well as continuity tests as a part of its function. So, you’re getting some good options here.

The digital clamp meter is equipped with a large jaw-style opening which makes conductivity calculation more convenient. And the best part is your circuit does not get halted in the process. Cool, right?

You also get a wide LCD screen display that is quite effective for readings. It also has the feature of shutting down automatically with inactivity, so you know that there’s no wastage of energy.


  • Measures both AC and DC voltage levels
  • Minimizes energy wastage
  • Determines conductivity without disturbing the circuit
  • Ideal for versatile projects


  • Does not include a backlight for the display

3. Fieldpiece SC260 Clamp Multimeter

We’ve got another cool option for those who want something simple yet effective. This one is from Fieldpiece, and it is also a true RMS clamp meter.

From current flow, resistance to temperature- this clamp meter will measure it for you. It is built with a dual-display with a backlit screen that can make your experience much better.

The presence of both automatic and manual rangers also contributes to the easy usage of the product. Moreover, the inrush current is accurately calculated and featured on display for better convenience.

With the presence of a heavy-duty magnet, you will face no issue in putting it up on a metallic plane. It is compact, portable, and easy to work with. The true RMS meter makes it possible to detect VAC as well as AAC readings with maximum accuracy.

This instrument is safe and has a lot of convenient features that can help both professionals and beginners.


  • Equipped with True RMS meter
  • Dual display with automatic and manual ranger options
  • Determines current, resistance, and temperature properly
  • Safe, compact, and user-friendly


  • Not compatible with mobile phones

4. UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter

This digital clamp meter fromUEi Test Instruments is another great option if your utmost priority is quality. It is more like a mid-level clamp-on meter that does a good job at providing you accurate readings with the best performance.

Equipped with an ampere rating of 400 Amperes and a resistance capacity of 40 million ohms, you know this instrument is one step ahead of traditional clamp meters already. It is also provided with a high capacitance of 4000 Microfarads which is pretty good for a mid-level clamp meter.

This one is also built with a dual-screen display and possesses the feature of automatically switching off to limit energy waste. It is also designed to calculate frequency, diode tests, and so on.

You can measure voltage levels ranging up to 600 Volts with this device. It gives you error-free readings, and it is very easy to use.

Overall, its built-in features make it one of the best options out there.


  • Dual display with auto-shutdown feature
  • Energy wastage reducing property
  • Provides accurate and error-free readings
  • Measures current and frequency


Does not possess smartphone connectivity

5. Milwaukee 2235-20 400 Amp Clamp Meter

Another amazing option is this 400-amp clamp meter from Milwaukee. You can expect this digital clamp meter to meet all your requirements whether you’re looking for residential use orprofessional use.

This clamp meter offers a true RMS meter, so you can expect it to work like a pro. With solid and long-lasting material, this clamp meter excels in all categories. It is also equipped with a 600-volt rating which works for AC and DC.

Apart from its 400-amp current, you also get a high resistance of 4000 ohms. The simple and smart design is also a unique feature of the product.

It also features auto-calibration, which offers easy and rapid measurement without any hassles. With a 1-inch jaw opening, this product is well-built to provide a smooth performance. You also get a LED light attached with the LED display that aids in gloomy workspaces.


  • Built with true RMS
  • Simple and convenient design
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Equipped with auto-calibration


Cannot adapt to heavy-duty projects

6. Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp Meter

A digital clamp meter from Klein Tools, this one will be best for beginners. You can use this for small to medium range jobs, and it will carry out a smooth performance.

It comes with leads that can calculate both AC and DC voltages. And the leads are quite solid in material, so that’s a big plus. To solve issues arising out of stray voltages, this clamp meter can come to the rescue. It is built with a low-impedance mode that can take care of this issue with no difficulty.

From current, resistance, flow, capacitance- this digital clamp meter will measure it all. It is highly durable and convenient to work with. It is designed with dual insulation for maximum safety and protection.

You also get a low-battery index that is quite useful during hours of running. Overall, it is the perfect instrument that will get rid of your most common electric troubleshoots.


  • Strong and quality material
  • Capable of dealing with stray voltages
  • Offers maximum protection
  • Measures both AC and DC voltages


  • No backlight within the display

7. Amprobe AMP-210 Clamp Meter

Amprobe’s AMP-210 is our last clamp meter, but it is also a very decent quality product that you can try.

Featuring True-RMS sensing, you can count on this instrument to offer you the best service possible. It also comes with low pass filters that aid in accurate measurements. You also get fast response processors that help with calculations without any errors.

The Amp-Tip function is the unique feature of this clamp meter. It assists in pin-pointcalculation of current down to the tenth of an Amp ensuring maximum performance. The wire system and diameter do not have an effect on the readings, so that’s a big advantage with this digital clamp meter.

With a durable design, you can’t go wrong with this clamp meter.


  • Offers error-free readings
  • Provides maximum accuracy through low pass filters
  • Amp tip function helps in boosting the performance
  • Sold and durable build


  • Not suited for HVAC function


Wrapping up, it can be said that finding the best clamp meters for your tool bag‘s fulfillment can be tough if you’re just a beginner. Our informative reviews on some of the most suitable clamp meters can be quite useful for you. You can select the one that checks all the boxes for you after going through our 7 highly rated clamp meters.

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