Best Electrician Tool Bags Review 2021 With Complete Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional technician, contractor or simply DIY enthusiast, having your own set of tools to carry on your tasks effectively is, indeed, a great deal. However, imagine you’re an electrician and your tools are misplaced here and there and you can’t remember where the last time you left them at. It’s definitely frustrating and annoying; you don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out where you have put your bonsai cutters. That’s why it is essential to have the best electrician tool bag for an electrician on his line of duty.

Owning an electrical tool bag will help you keep your tools organized and stored neatly. You won’t have trouble looking for them as they will rarely get lost once stored. Moreover, reserving them in your tools bag will keep them away from getting rusted or damaged.  Not only that but it offers you a convenient way to carry around all the tools you need for any kind of service.

It is important, however, to have an idea of what kind of bag you need in order to store your items properly and get good value for your purchase. In fact, it is essential to take your time and choose one that meets your needs, preferences and most importantly your budget. To make things easier for you, we have researched and compiled together several tool bags that are currently popular and available on the market. This review will give you an idea of different tool bag models and their features. Moreover, you will also come across a buyer’s guide that will assist you in your selection process.

Make sure to fully read the review in order to know the ideal tool bag that suits your preferences.

Top 10 Electrician Tool Bags Review 2021

1. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539

The first product on the list comes from Custom Leathercraft 1539. It has been recognized as the number 1 tool bag available on the market by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. They are durable, spacious and easy to carry around.

 The CLC tool bag features around 50 pockets inside and outside the bag where you can store plenty of tools. This feature will allow you to stay organized and to properly store your work gear. Once organized, these vertical pockets will grant easy access and keep your tools in clear sight. You don’t have to waste your time looking for your items anymore.

The good thing about this bag is its large and inner center compartment. This space can handle large power tools and other different accessories. You can also use the outside compartment including a large carabiner and tape-measure clip to save some of your equipment as well.

Made with a heavy-duty poly fabric, the CLC 1539 tool backpack is built to last. With its zippered side panels, the bag will help maintain all your tools stored and secured when you are on the move.

This multi-compartment tool bag is ideal for tradesmen, carpenters, and professionals, who want to keep their equipment at an arm’s length and neatly organized. The bag also comes with handle padding to offer more comfort to its users. You can easily adjust the shoulder strap to your convenience.

What we like

  • Padded handles
  • Adjustable should straps
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • A total of 50 pockets

What we don’t like

  • Fragile zippers, easy to break down if not handled with care

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear

Another great model that comes under the same brand CLC is Custom leathercraft L255 teach Gear. Without sacrificing both durability and style, this tool bag will offer you comfort and sufficient space to store your tools.

If you want to have a well-organized tool storage space, the CLC custom leathercraft L255 offers you Dual compartments where you can enjoy easy and quick access to your work gear concurrently. Moreover, this versatile bag features more than 50 pockets for the perfect organization.

The pockets can be divided as follows, 28 tool pockets, 14 different accessories pockets and the rest if for multi-purpose pouches where you can store your favorite and precious items. The side pockets are as much satisfying as the other pockets. They will keep your small necessities during your tasks within reach.

Thus you will thoroughly be pleased with its impressive carrying capacity. It provides a very large and spacious inner compartment that will fit all your tools that come in different shapes and sizes.  You will be amazed by the excellent amount of storage capacity this bag offers.

The led light feature is definitely the highlight of this tool bag. Whether you find yourself in a low light area or simply you’re not provided with clear visibility, the LED light will help you to easily identify your tools once it is directed to where you need it.

It comes in 3 light outcome degrees depending on your situation. This proportionate light can adjust to a wider space or close-up view.

Tired of the handles and wants to keep your hands free? Well, this bag features well-padded shoulder straps allowing you to carry your tool bag in a different and comfortable way. You will be more than satisfied with how convenient it is to carry it around even with so much weight inside.

What we like

  • Super comfortable and convenient to use
  • Durable
  • Comes with padded shoulder straps
  • Led light built-in
  • Appealing design

What we don’t like

  • Not water resistant
  • Stitching quality

3. Husky GP-44448EN13 24 in. Tool Bag

If you are searching for the ideal option for all your on-the-go needs then this is definitely the bag you should have on your list. The husky tool bag is sturdy, handy and ideal for anyone out there.

Made out of sturdy material (600 Denier), this tool bag is water-resistant and very durable. The bag is capable of carrying a different variety of tools at once. You do not need to worry about your equipment size or shape as this bag is designed with high quality and heavy-duty material.

Convenience-wise, the Husky tool bag will help you organize your work items so you can have easy and fast access. The internal compartment has a wide opening design that will allow you to store up your equipment in a convenient manner. The two side pockets are roomy and can be used to store some small items.

The bag’s handle is padded to provide extra comfort. However, if you want to switch your way of carrying for easy mobility, you can easily adjust the shoulder straps to meet your comfort level. The dual zipper system offers extra security for your gear keeping them properly sealed inside the bag.

The bottom of the bag comes in a double layer with a stiffening base to handle as much weight as possible. This also helps in maintain the bag in good shape when carrying it around.

What we like

  • dual zipper system
  • Wide internal compartment
  • Lots of pockets
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean fabric

What we don’t like

  • No shoulder padding
  • Some customers don’t find the pockets well divided

4. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1509

Another model you can lay your eyes on from CLC is Custom Leathercraft 1509. Trust me you won’t be disappointed with this brand’s varied features. Its awesome features will tell you why I placed this item in this best electrician tool bags review list. You can easily observe at a first glance, the very modern and compact design of the bag.

Furthermore, what makes this bag different from the other designs is the fact that you can easily and comfortably carry it around no matter how heavy it is as the weight of your tools will be distributed equally on your back.

Equipped with a wide array of features and perks, the CLC1509 tool bag is the ideal option for electricians, carpenters, contractors and any handyman who wants to keep his packages stored and secured and most importantly within reach.

Build strong for daily use, this tool bag is designed with high-quality and premium material. It is made of heavy polyester fabric and ballistic trim and binding. This fabric is known for its capabilities to handle harsh conditions and treatment.

The CLC 1509 tool bag offers reliable protection and safety to your tools. With the availability of both small and large pockets and compartments, there is space for every single tool no matter what size it is. On top of that, it features a zippered cover to secure your tools when not in use.

What we like

  • Spacious interior design
  • High quality and premium material
  • Zippered  cover
  • Multiple pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Ergonomic rubber handle

What we don’t like

  • Not water resistant
  • Zippers should be handled with care

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

With a total of 48 pockets, you can easily store your tools in this CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack. Knowing for its sturdy and durable design, this bag is quite popular among technicians for its convenience.

It offers an excellent alternative for those who need to carry on different tools for their daily tasks while having their hands free at the same time.

The bag offers plenty of storage capacity and organization; it has a place for every single tool. It features 41 pockets at the interior level and another 7 exterior pockets for better tool organization.

Despite not being a traditional tool bag, this backpack is surprisingly spacious enough to hold in all your needed tools. You will be quite amazed at the amount of storage space. Don’t let its size fools you.

Moreover, the bag presents another great detail at the front side; a compression pouch with adjustable straps for greater security. It also comes with padded back and shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Besides, you can notice rugged feet at the bottom of the bag to help you keep your tools safe and sound. Customers are quite satisfied with this feature as it adds a little added stability and composition to the tool bag.

What we like

  • 2 main zippered compartment
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Padded back support
  • Convenient and easy  access to our tools
  • Storage capacity

What we don’t like

  • Can be inconvenient for tall people: hard to adjust  long straps due to its compact design
  • Zippers are easy to break

6. Klein Tools Ultimate Electrician’s Bag

Rounding up the list of the best tool bags on the market today, we have the Klein Tool Pro Organizer Ultimate Electrician’s Bag. Promises nothing but longevity, this bag tool comes with an elegant and modern design.

This real highlight this tool bag boasts is the availability of removable led light. If you happen to find yourself in a low light area, you can easily illuminate the inside of your bag with this excellent feature. For hands-free utility, the Led light comes with a hook and a magnet making it perfect to operate in such conditions.

The Klein tradesmen tool bag has been setting the bar high for its premium quality material. Built in with a 1680D weave, the bag is all about lightweight and durability.

With a total number of 39 pockets, you can keep in reserve a good amount of different tools and equipment and access them easily. The pockets are roomy enough to handle your gear and come with a front zipper to save lose parts.

The interior compartment is in bright orange, the choice of color is perfect for faster tool visibility. The bottom is water resistant and fully molded. This will help you to keep your tools secured and our bag placed upright on its own. The Klein Tool Pro Organizer Ultimate Electrician’s Bag also features padded shoulder straps and handles for effortless carrying.

What we like

  • padded handles and shoulder straps
  • Sturdy design
  • Well balanced
  • Plenty of pockets

What we don’t like

  • Some users find a bit heavy
  • Zippers might break easily
  • Some find it hard to access their tools
  • A lot of small pockets

7. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1528 Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

Make your job easier with CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1528 Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier. Everything including drill, extension cords, pliers, screwdrivers, wrench sets, drill bits, electrical testers, and most any tool can be fit in this well designed heavy-duty tool bag.

This large electrical and maintenance tool carrier features 14 exterior pockets and 8 interior ones along with 3 main compartments in the interior design to neatly organize a wide array of tools and accessories.

In addition to that, the carrier comes with a multi-compartment plastic tray measuring around   8.75″ x 6.5″ to help store small items.

Design wise, the tool carrier takes the shape of a box to make sure everything is secured in its place. Besides, both sides sit uprights thanks to its hard construction. The compact and modern design can be a great alternative to store the bag in your drawer or in your cabinet.

Thanks to its thick padded straps and handles, it is very convenient and comfortable to carry it around with you. The tool carrier also comes with adjustable and padded shoulder straps for easy transport. The bottom is padded as well to diminish abrasion and to increase the longevity of the bag.

What we like

  • Open and easy access
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Compact and neat design
  • Easy to handle
  • Thick padding
  • Conveniently Compartmentalized

What we don’t like

  • No available cover on the main compartments: Some customers find it easy to misplace or lose their items

8. Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag

Looking for something that will keep the busy carpenters prolific and organized, then you should count the Stanley tool bag in your list.

 Stanley tool bag is a great option thanks to its central zipper that goes all the way on both sides of the bag to offer an easy entrance to the contents within. With a wide-open inner and main compartment, you can enjoy maximum visibility to detect exactly what you need in a short period of time.

While the inner compartment does not include lots of pockets, you can use the numerous exterior pouches provided outside of the bag are ideal for storing small items on the go.

Moreover, the inner compartment is capable of holding and storing a large number of power tools. You will be more than satisfied with this bag’s greater storage capacity.

The tool bag is made of high-quality polyester material; it can handle rough conditions and circumstances. Also, according to some users, the pockets and central zipper are well made offering a long-term use of the bag.

The overall design of the bag is convenient to handle especially that they are no shoulder straps provided for additional support. However, the padded handle and the compact design make it easier for the users to carry it around.

What we like

  • Ultra spacious inner compartment
  • Rough materials that can accommodate any weather
  • Numerous exterior pockets
  • The sturdy yet handy design
  • Padded handle
  • Keep content safe

What we don’t like

  • No shoulder straps for extra support
  • Not very well divided

9. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag

When selecting a tool bag to carry your work equipment, a rough design and comfort in maneuver are the key requirements to look up for. This is where the Dewalt DGL523 lighted tool backpack comes to light to meet your expectations.

Since 1924, Dewalt has worked hard to provide its customers with high-quality tools and services.

Featuring an impressive storage capacity, The DEWALT DGL523 backpack tool bag has more than 45 internal pockets to keep all your essential tools protected and stored neatly while nine external pockets are designed to give quick access to the most frequently utilized tools. The tool bag basically has a place for everything.

Most of the customers have shown their satisfaction with the bag design and their easy accessibility to the different pockets inside the bag. The full zippers around both sides of the bag offer a wider opening to the inner compartment.

Another interesting detail featured in this tool bag is the Led light built-in. this feature can be a helpful and great solution for scarce light areas. It will help you illuminate the inside of your bag so you can easily find your items within the numerous pockets of the bag.

The LED light construction offers 3 levels of brightness thanks to its 2 AAA powered batteries.

Back pain? No worries about that. This tool bag DeWalt DGL523 model comes with a supported pad back for enhanced comfort. Not only that, you notice that the shoulder straps are also padded for convenient lifting.

What we like

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • LED lights for an enhanced visibility
  • Secure zippered pouches
  • Reinforced bottom with plastic feet
  • Plenty of  pockets to store many utensils

What we don’t like

  • Straps fall apart after frequent uses

10. Veto Pro Pac MC Bag for Handling Tools

Last but not least is the Veto Pro bag for handling tools. Made with the highest quality material standards, this bag is designed to ensure all your demands and necessities. We are talking about top-notch Waterproof body fabric and PVC infused denier nylon waterproof tool pocket fabric.

The bag features meters and compact cordless driver compartments for neat organizations. Besides, it also offers around 20 interior and exterior vertical tool pockets for fast retrieval of our work gear.

Despite its small size, you will very pleased with the number of tools this bag is capable to hold. The bag will be a great and excellent choice to keep your tool within easy reach. All tools go in and out with no problem offering greater accessibility to their users.

Once you are on the go, your tools will remain placed in the pockets, protected and secured. No need to worry about misplacement or spilling.

Additionally, the bag is constructed with a waterproof base, molded polypropylene injection, in order to provide extra protection and security for our tool. It also comes with 2 large D rings and 5 small ones for easy lifting.

What we like

  • easy to store tools in it
  • Compact design
  • High-quality material
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Waterproof rubber base

What we don’t like

  • A bit on the small size
  • Some customers find it a bit heavy
  • Can be expensive compared to other designs

Electrician Tool Bags Buyer’s guide

Why you need a tool bag?

It comes to a point that there is no single day that passes by without using any kind of tools.  They all come in different shapes and functionalities. That’s why you will probably find them in every single house. However, having a tool bag to store them is more than essential. Getting yourself a tool bag can be quite beneficial for you. It will allow you to easily and safely carry around all your working tools everywhere you go conveniently. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable bag where all your tools are secured and stored neatly.

Don’t know where or how to start? No worries.

If you are steps away from purchasing a tool bag but you still not sure which one to choose, here are some features that you should take into considerations when selecting on. Thus, this buyer’s guide will provide you with some important details and information that you will probably need.

Features of a user friendly tool bag

1. Durability

We all want our bags to last as much as possible. You want to put your money into something valuable and will last you longer. Contractors, carpenters and especially those who work in construction fields are more likely to be in need of something that can undertake harsh and rough environments and circumstances.

Therefore, it is essential that you consider high-quality material and fabric when purchasing a tool bag. It is preferable if your bag is weatherproof, this will make it ideal to carry it around especially if you work outside mostly all the time.

2. Material

As we said above if you want something durable, you got to take a closer look at the material. In fact, when it comes to purchasing a tool bag, the first thing to look for is the fabric used to design the bag. The durability of your bags depends highly on the materials and the level of care.

The most common and used materials to create tools bags are usually polyester, nylon and canvas. Such fabrics and materials will hold your tools for greater longevity preventing any possible damage.

3. Capacity

Another important and essential key factor to take into consideration for choosing the best electrician tool bags is the storage space. Yes, we are talking about the size and capacity of your bag, how many tools the bag can handle. You definitely don’t want something too large to handle or too small that barely can hold a small portion of your tools.

Therefore, you have to choose a size that meets your needs and your working objectives. Medium size with compact designs can be ideals for different situations and different objectives.

4. Pockets

Pockets are important when it comes to the organization of your tools. Therefore, you should consider the different storage pockets and pouches available in your tool bag. A good bag usually provides more organization and structure for your whole arsenal of tools.

Pockets should be adequately sorted to offer greater accessibility to your tools. Therefore, whatever bag model you chose, you have to check the variety of pockets. It would be ideal if they include padding inside. This will help protect your tools from getting broken. Not only that, this small yet effective feature will help absorb any immoderate weight.

5. Zippers

This factor is a killer. The last thing you want is a rusted zipper that doesn’t want to work anymore. It is quite important to scan and examine how firm yet flexible the zippers are.

6. Extra features

Some of the other features that you can look for but aren’t necessary include wheels to make transportation easier for you, a build LED light to help you carry your tasks in darker space and finally D rings.

All these are optional features that you make take into consideration; they will definitely make certain tasks easier for you and will help you get things done conveniently.

7. Budget

Depending on the budget you have in mind, there are plenty of tool bags available out there. However, they are more likely to be on a smaller and simpler side. A good tool bag can be quite expensive; after all, you get what you pay for.

I don’t want to breakdown the prices because after all, it all depends on what tool bag you are looking for and what features you want them to be included. For more details, check out the prices on our Amazon listing products.

Frequently Asked Questions about best tool bags

I am not sure which one to choose between a backpack and a rolling tool bag?

This totally depends on what kind of job you are doing and how many tools you need to carry around with you. For example, if you are a DIY enthusiast, a small to medium backpack will be ideal.
However, if you are a professional technician or contractor and you need a large number of power tools then you probably need a rolling tool bag.

Are the tool bags machines-washable?

It is preferred and recommended that you lean your tool bag with warm soapy water. With such a simple and consistent procedure, you will keep your tool bag polished and brand new.


Hopefully, through this review, you are able now to recognize some of the details that need to take into consideration when it comes to the best electrician tool bags.

This review provided an in-depth on the different factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a tool bag along with the 10 best tool bags available on the market today.

Make sure to take your time and go through the different revised products and get something that will suit our needs and expectations.

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