Best Electrician Tool Belts Reviews in 2021 with Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of looking for tools while you are in the middle of repairing something? Well, I am really tired (or maybe sick) of it. Always the same problem. 

Here’s a random day. I left screwdriver to find pliers, then I left pliers to find keyhole saw and I have never know where I should look. Did I leave it on the floor or maybe in the box? Is it on my left or my right side? And I could not stop wasting my time for this kind of infinite search until I found out a decent tool belt for managing my tools.

Are you the same as me?

If you pick your piece from best electrical tool belts available in the market, it will save your time and nerves. You will be more positive and more accessible to your clients in the middle of a job. You will stop yelling and swearing and keep smiling more often.

Sounds great, right?

What kind of belt can make you a better person? A belt which solves your problems. Just imagine that you need to find pliers. What should you do? Just take from the partition of the tool belt which is intended for it. Or you need a screwdriver. This process is the same. Sounds easy, but how to find the best electrical tool belt? I created a review of 7 belts so you can choose the right one.

Our Top 7 Tool Belts Reviews

1. OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig

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OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig was built for everyday use. It has 22 pockets which are a lot of space for nails and necessary tools. If you wish to put everything in your pants pockets but you do not have enough space, this electrical tools belt will make your dreams come true. Sound crazy? It is not crazy. It is a realistic scenario for an electrical, just no one talks about it because it sounds a little bit crazy. But now, with OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig you can stop worrying about the craziness and start working your job instead.


This one electrical tool belt is high-quality oil tanned leather and heavy-duty rivets. You should not be worry whether the belt will withstand the load. Nice news, right? It can be fatigued if you think that you find the right product, but it breaks after 2 days. Do you know what I mean?

What about package space? Package dimensions are 25.5 x 14.5 x 1.5 inches, which means enough space for regular usage.

Do you ever try to wear some leather bag? They are heavy and painful for carrying. OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig’s weight is 4.52 pounds. Sounds heavy? What would you say about the portable tool box which weight is approximately 7.45 pounds? Well, it is heavy.


  • 22 tool holders and pockets.
  • High quality, oil tanned leather.
  • Durable, yet comfortable.
  • Heavy-duty rivet reinforcement.


  • The bags do not stay where you put them when you take off the belt.
  • This belt would probably work much better for a left-handed person since the best slots for pencils/markers are on the left bag.

2. DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with Suspenders

DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with Suspenders
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This belt is designed very carefully so it is like some kind of accessories. But do not forget that it has a useful site.DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with Suspenders optimizes professional workhorse solutions. With this belt, it is easier for you to take tools near you and to do the best service.

DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with suspenders is a little bit heavier than OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig. Its weight is 4.9 pounds. Dimensions are 15 x 15 x 12 inches. This belt does not have pockets on suspenders. Do you like this info? Maybe you should because your hands will be free for working. Now you understand, right?

Why you need suspenders? Did you ever wear regular electrical tools belt without suspenders? Yes? Then you know that feeling when your pants are going down. Not funny at all. If there are other people around you, then it is so unpleasant experience. Actually, so embarrassing. With suspenders, your pants will not go down. Great news! You have got your pants on. And you will not take care of the people around you, so you will be more concentrate on your job. Sounds so normal, but sometimes it is just something you can imagine. Or you can try DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with suspenders belt and just watch that magic.


  • Comfortable suspenders.
  •  Enough space for keeping tools in without falling out.


  • Plastic connection on suspenders.
  • The cell phone holder is not long enough for some phones.

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt, 28 Pocket

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt
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28 pockets?! Wow, so much space.A zippered pocket on this tool belt helps to keep the tools in their places when not in use. 28 pockets mean plenty of storage.

You will not find accessorize from this company, but you will find products that solve your everyday problems. Accordingly, CLC is made of a belt with a simple support handle construction which offers effortless adaptations and easy storage without overflowing the contents.

Built-in with 28 padded pouches, this professional tools belt is composed of 4 pieces including roller pocket belt, cordless drill and more. The design of the tool belt will help you organize our connectors and tools neatly and securely.

The handles are a big help. The last thing you want to do is to purchase the wrong size handles that will lead you to lose your tools. the tool pouch usually comes with rigid zippers to helps you keep your items safe. This can be ideal since it will help you get added grooves. While the inside pouch can be beneficial for essential tools that require easy access.

If you have a problem carrying a load then I have great news for you! CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt design is considered lighter compared to other products from the same category. Item weight is 3.85 pounds. Product dimensions are 22.6 x 13.2 x 6 inches.


  • Loads are easy to carry and are easily distributed
  • 28 pockets and sleeves to better organize your tools.


  • This belt does not fit a 42-inch waist or bigger.
  • The suspenders do not have extra support.

4. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo
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This belt had carry handles for easy transport and putting the belt on and taking it off. Also, important information is that each pouch was designed to carry the tools of a professional carpenter. And you do not need to worry about toughness because these electrical tool belts are guaranteed tough.

Unfortunately, Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w is heavier than the other electrical tool belts. Its weight is 5 pounds. Well, it is not so much different from the others. But it could be. It depends on what you carry in your belt’s pockets.

Size of this belt is large, with dimensions 22 x 14.5 x 6.7 inches. All of the Gatorbacksizings are based on the average fit for each size.

A secured air channel model is included in order to offer you a satisfactory experience. After all, the comfort and the convenience of the user are some of the high priority of the manufacturer.

Gatorback is the company which is taking care of the design.  Most of the interior pouches are supported with plastic lining in order to avoid sagging. The plastic lining gives them a box form. Compared to other pouches, this box-shaped design helps to prevent holes that can be caused by tools. It also offers an easy access to the different equipment, making it convenient for its users.


  • Deep pockets and lots of slots.
  • Good back support so the belt is not going anywhere and not sliding around.
  • You can mix and match the attachments to suit your own personal preferences.


  • The smaller pen pocket is too tight.
  • The exterior pocket is tight for a tape measure.

5. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Cafe

Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag
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Still, do not know which one electrical tool belt fits you? Wait to see 3 more. Maybe is some of these 3 that one made for you.

Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Café dimensions are 18.7 x 17.9 x 6 inches. Item weight is 5 pounds. This measure means that this ten-inch deep industrial nylon bags with leather-reinforced bottom and corners, and 24 pockets and tool holders are large and enough for your professional needs.

This belt has a very attractive look. If you are taking care of your professional brand look then you should buy something like this. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Café tells your clients that you are not just a physical worker, but creative and you pay attention to the little things. This is important particularly to the people who are taking care of their home. With this electrical tool belt, you have to put your trust and make your business grow. So I can say, this belt is some kind of business card for you.


  • Comfortable.
  • Attractive design.
  •  Large enough so you can put everything you need.


  • The bags are fixed.
  • Some slots are useless or poorly places especially both hammer loops.

6. TradeGear MEDIUM 31-35″

TradeGear MEDIUM 31-35
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TradeGear partnered with Gatorback Contractor Pro wanted to solve your problems. You do not have any problem? Good for you. Equipped with all the necessary features to manage your electrician gear, this tool belt provides an optimal comfort for its users.

Material wise, this belet is designed with a high quality duratex nylon making it perfect for long term use. In fact, you will be amazed by the durability and reliability that this best offers.  Provided with back foam padding, It will offer you the support needed to carry on with your working applications.

In fact, the countered backing will help you maintain a good back position that is essential for an electrician. Moreover, this gear is capable of handling harsh working conditions and environments.

They were thinking of everything, don’t you think? The tool belt comes with 27 large pockets that are capable of holding all your working materials. They are designed in different sizes making them suitable for different gear. The carry handles are easy to adjust and control according to your needs and level of comfort. They are made in a way to make tools transportation easier.

What about weight? Should be very heavy since there is a lot of space for your tools? No, it should not. Item weight is 4.4 pounds. Unexpected! Dimensions of TradeGear MEDIUM 31-35″ Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo are 15.6 x 13.2 x 11.2 inches.


  • Designed to make work easy. Perfect work belt for every electrician.
  • 27 pockets and 2 pouches that will carry anything you need to get your work done.
  • The heavy duty 1250 DuraTek nylon used to make this tool belt is tough and light and offers excellent resistance against abrasion and the weather.


  • The handles attached to belt, not bags.
  • Their measures do not match with regular sizes.

7. Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set

Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician's Set
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Did you find something for you? You are not sure yet? That is fine. I have one more solution for you.

Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set is a set for professionals, which means that there is more than enough space for all tools that you, as a professional, need. Its weight is high. It is 6.2 pounds. Really heavy, don’t you think? But if you can wear 4 or 5 pounds, maybe 6 would not be a big problem. Dimensions of this belt are 16.4 x 14.3 x 8.5 inches. This means huge bags and lots of space.

The belt is also well organized, so you would not have a problem to find any tool in the pockets. This is really important because it saves your time even more and makes your job easier.

I have to be honest, I was thinking that 6 pounds will be really heavy, but from my experience, you get used to it. It is the most important thing that Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set has a lot of pockets so you can well organize your tools. Other belts do not have that many pockets so you have to put several tools in one pocket and then when you need some tool you need to check that pocket until you find it. It can be exhausting.

So, if you feel yourself as well organize guy this belt is right for you.


  • Ample storage space with plenty of configuration options to suit your needs.
  • Easy to get used to for quick tool selection in small spaces.
  •  Thick and high-quality leather.


  • Heavy.
  •  Without spot for a tape measure.

How to Choose the Best Electrician Tool Belt? A Complete Buyer’s Guide

After the previous review you learn all about electrical tool belt, right? Not really. There is more couple of information that you need to know before buying your tool belt.

First, you should know which tool belt material is the best. There is no right answer to this question. The material you finally select is the one that will ultimately provide the best solution for your individual needs.

Generally, oil tan leather is recognized as one of the best materials that can be sued to create tool belts. The reason is that this material is quite strong, durable and reliable.  Another material that can be included in the list is Nylon. This material does not compromise with your comfort. Belt tools that are made with this kind of material are more likely to be inexpensive and affordable to everyone.

When you purchase a tool belt, an important factor that you should also take into consideration is the ability of the material to absorb moisture. This can be a great addition to your comfort level.

Is there any safe weight of the electrical tool belt? There is no safe weight. But, on the other side, there are some catches which you should know.

It is crucial that you purchase the belt that best fits your needs. Ideally, it is a great idea to find a product that is adjustable and allows for customization when it comes to the user’s size.

With these adjustable waist holders, the belt can fit anyone out there, no matter what size you are. You can also wear them on thick or thin clothes, it doesn’t matter as long as you firmly secure it on your waist.

More important from weight is the way you carry your tool belt. It is better to carry 6 pounds belt on the right way, then to carry 5 pounds belt and turn it the wrong way. You should be careful in every second. Or you will visit a chiropractor as I do. Also, do not carry tools which are not necessary for that day job. You should take off all the unnecessary things. The other important thing is to balance the belt as near as possible. Make approximately the same weight on both sides.

Tool holders and pouches are pieces of an electrical tool belt. For the optimal quality of the belt, you should care about these pieces, too. But it is your choice what to choose depending on your tasks.

Pouches are some kinds of very small bags which can be specialized for some kind of tool. They also can be moveable so you can change their places. Usually, include hammer loops and multi pockets.

What about tool holders? They are used for specific hand tools, for example, hammer, or tape measures. Holders can be fixed or swinging. Also, they can be removable and interchangeable, which gives you the opportunity to personalize your belt.

There are a few tips after buying the best electrician tool belt. It is recommended to avoid wearing the tool belt in dampened weather circumstances. Do not leave it for long periods in the wet or in contact with chemicals and solvents. Also, do not try to put some tool which is too big to fit. And do not forget to clean your belt. Every material should be treated in a different way.

What you should do to find the best electrician tool belt?

The most important factors to consider are:

  • Comfort and support
  • Ability to keep you organized
  • Durability, known as Quality

Since there will be days that you are wearing a tool belt for 8 hours, the best electrical tool belts are comfort and durability. So, you do not want your tool belt to be only comfortable, you want it to last.

What about design? It is not important, don’t you think? It is important. Design is not just color or shape, it is much more than that. Design is size, lightweight, number of pockets, schedule of it, the existence of back support, etc. Without adequate design, you will not have comfort. So what is design actually? It is all about your personal preference.

What about Costs? If it is solving your problem, money can’t buy it. It is priceless, then. Does the electrical tool belt solve your problems? If you are a professional or you just like to do it yourself, then it is the right choice for you. When you choose your new tool belt, you are going to want to choose one that is explicitly designed with electricians in mind so that it has all of the tools that you need to use most often. In fact, many of these belts even have a place for you to store your black electrical tape so that it is easily in reach when you need it.

Consider the amount pocket and hooks that you need for the tools that you use the most, and then see if you can find one that fits your needs. If you tend to work on different jobs that require different sets of tools, this may be an option worth considering.

The job of an electrician requires a lot of movement. Therefore, having a tool belt that is quite convenient and will make your job easier is a must. For this reason, when you are purchasing a new belt tool try to check the organization of the pockets and their sizes and how they accommodate with your gear. You definitely would love to get yourself something that will save you time and energy. Pockets that will give you easy access to your tools will be perfect for this choice. However, it is important to make sure that is not large enough to spill your gear and lose it. Therefore, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  1. Fasteners should be rigid and strong enough to grasp all your tools.
  2. Tools should be adapted to the right size. Don’t try to push and force in big size tool in small pockets. You will end up ruining your tool belt. If you only have big tools then try to look for tool belts that come with large pouches and pockets.
  3. Make sure to distribute your tools in an even way all around your waist. This will cause less stress spread around your upper body. An imbalanced tool belt will only increase your discomfort, pain and may cause you some onsite problems.
  4. Tools that are used mostly all the time should be on our hand and practical side. This factor is important because this doesn’t only save you time, but it also helps to fasten your work pace.
  5. Capacity wise, you need to acknowledge the fact that our job requires lots and a variety of tools Each tool is suitable for a certain task. Having a large tool belt can be convinced to hold all your gear with no potential damages. You want something where you can easily and conveniently transport your tools without problems. So large capacity tool belt with a variety of pockets can be actually a great choice for you.

After buying the best electrical tool belt you will see the benefits that come along, such as:

Better productivity: with the right tool belt, you will be less stressful to find and access your tool easily and conveniently. This will increase the level of your productivity to accomplish your tasks.

Time-saving: of course, with increased productivity, you will not only be saving you time but also saving your energy.

Work efficiency: the available pockets rounding up your tool belt serves as a supporting hand. When you are poll, your belt will serve as a storage compartment for your tools. You don’t need someone to give you an extra hand and pass you the necessary tools.

Comfortable usage: the best thing about the tool belt is that it comes with adjustable straps. This is essential in order to accommodate the belt to your needs and preferences. You don’t want it too loose? No worry. All you have to do is to fit in the straps in a way that it supports your waistline.

Great variety: with the availability of a wide array of tool belts models and designs that are currently accessible and present in the market, you can easily purchase one either online or on spot stores. Depending on what kind of material, capacity, usage, number of pockets, colour, design, you can choose any belt that fits with your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Why should I use a tool belt?

A: The convenience of having your tools on-hand at all times is really amazing. This can help you to save time throughout the day, especially if you have to be mobile and moving up ladders.

You can remain in the same place and hit a state of flow. With the right tool belt, you will be able to put more focus on our task and accomplish it the neat and fast way. This will allow you to pay more attention to your duties rather than spending most of the time looking for your tools and gadgets.

It’s also a great way to keep your items arranged. All too often we see people sifting through toolboxes looking for an important item. Those days are over when you have your tools on your person at all times.

Q: Who should use a tool belt?

A: While tool belts are not particularly designed only for professionals, also DIY enthusiasts can make great use of this product. It will be beneficial for them to have around at home or in the office. Depending on the levels of your professionalism, you can choose from a wide array of available tool belts.


The electrical tool belt is probably an essential accessory for professionals.

Every person who loves yourself should take care of yourself and therefore make your life easier. With this belt, you will save time. And nowadays time is one from a million things that we cannot bring back. Because of this, I make for your mix of basic and fancy, affordable and more expensive, with one word different types of belts so you could choose the best electrician tool belt for you.

Like you can see, the market of tool belts has a lot of criteria and find the best electrical tool belt is not easy.

I hope that you will find in this article some very useful information which can help you. But do not forget that there is nothing such as a perfect component.

Electrical tool belts are really important because they are changing your lifestyle. You will see after a few minutes of working that your job is not the same. You will be more productive and efficient while also being able to focus on the task at hand.

If you get your belt after reading our best tool belts reviews and buying guide, watch the following video to set up your tool belt properly: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on pinterest Pinterest

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