Best Electricians Work Gloves Reviews (2021) and Buying Guide

If you ask an electrician about the most essential equipment for electrical works, don’t be surprised if you hear “gloves”.

Although it might seem insignificant, it is the gear that stays closest to you during work. Electrical works are all about hands, so you better make sure that you have them protected.

Now, buying a pair of gloves may not be as fun as using them, especially when the market comes up with hundreds of them. Right?

That is why we took on the hard task of going through the products and selecting the electrician work gloves you can find among them. With these narrowed down options, it will be easier for you to choose the best.

Our Best Electrician Work Gloves Reviews

Here is the list of products we have pulled out after spending some time on them. Go through the reviews to find out what these top-quality electrical hand gloves are about.

1. Carhartt Men’s Winter Dex II Glove

Carhartt Men's Winter Dex II Glove

Pull out any list involving quality gloves; you are going to find a Carhartt on it. This brand has been on the game and doing an outstanding job so far in making comfortable and well-designed gloves. People trust the brand’s quality, and they have every reason to do so. For, it has not disappointed them ever.

Now, we expected to find this glove to be sturdy and durable, and it has satisfied us by being that and so much more. They have introduced synthetic leather in the palm and fingers. Apart from these, the whole glove is nylon made. This combination looks stunning.

And in terms of comfort, you will not have a chance to complain.

What’s cool about the gloves is that they contain a storm defender. It will keep the moisture and sweat away. Not only that, they have made these waterproof as well as highly breathable.

Everything is cool about this product except for one little issue. If you have to use your phone frequently during work, you will have to remove the gloves every time. For, they haven’t done anything to make them work with the touchscreen your phone might have.

That’s a shame, for you would expect the renowned brand to address this particular issue and do something about it.

If you have to deal with small items while working with gloves, you will find them incredible on such occasions. So, all these features make it one of the best winter electrician gloves found on the market.


  • Highly breathable
  • Stunning look as well as durable
  • A storm defender included to keep away moisture


  • Cannot be used in touchscreens

2. Klein Tools 40074 Extra-Large Electricians Gloves

Electricians Gloves Extra-Large Klein Tools 40074

Klein electrician gloves are famous in the gloves industry. Electricians have been relying on it for quite some time now. Like the brand’s other products, this one also stands up to the task. It is made of three components: TPB, synthetic leather, and neoprene. This USA-made product will be durable, so rest assured.

When you work with cables or wires, you worry about them slipping. But, with these pair, you will not have to be concerned anymore. For, they are completely slip-resistant. You will feel that strong grip, once you put these on.

They have made the palm and fingers of the gloves very sturdy so that there will not be any tears. And this is the best part about these gloves since durability is one of the main features electrician’s gloves have to offer.

Sometimes, you are in a hurry, and you want to remove the gloves fast. If you can’t do it then, it annoys you. But, that won’t be the case with these guys. They come with extended cuffs understanding your situation. You can put them on and take them off fast.

The index finger is the part that has to play the most crucial and tough role in electrical work. Keeping this in mind, designers have decided to give it some extra protection. And they have done that by adding a wrapping around the index.

Therefore, there won’t be any problem in terms of durability. You are also going to like the thumb base that comes reinforced. What’s more, the gloves are very breathable, so that the hands will not get sweaty.


  • The thumb base comes with a reinforced area
  • The wrapped index provides extra durability
  • Long-lasting and breathable


  • Doesn’t work with touchscreens

3. Klein Tools 40082 Large Lineman Work Glove

Lineman Work Glove Large Klein Tools 40082

If you are looking for a pair of comfy electrician’s leather gloves to put on this winter, why don’t you check out this top-class product? These will be as warm as they can be.

You might worry whether these will fit your hands or not. If it was me, I wouldn’t be concerned about this, since the gloves are designed in a way to fit a wide range of hand sizes.

Are you feeling cold in a 40 degrees F day and lazy to go to work? Then put on these gloves, and you will be warm in a jiffy. They have made the whole surface of the gloves with leather. As far as performance is concerned, you will find them to be quite good.

Also, they are very durable. You won’t be left with worn-out gloves after a few days’ works, for they will last long.

For doing light jobs, this pair will be extraordinary. And for medium ones, they won’t be bad either. But, if you are looking for doing heavy-duty work, you might want to re-think your choice. For, I don’t see these suitable for carrying heavy stuff and handling any rough or sharp objects.

These aren’t good for wet conditions either. For, they become slick with lubricants, oil, and any wet stuff.

However, for electricians to use them on a winter morning, they make a smart choice. You don’t need to think twice before going for these if you are one of them. By being very tight, they will provide you with all the protection you need in handling risky electrical wires. So, it would be worth the money.


  • Snug fit
  • Suitable for handling small objects
  • Highly durable


  • Cannot work with wire cables that are high voltage

4. CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

These gloves have been made in five different sizes to let you choose one according to the size of your hands. For ensuring durability, they have introduced synthetic leather in these.

Some gloves shrink and harden once they get wet, but these are resistant to this sort of phenomena. For providing insulation in cold weather, there are not many high-quality products like this one. Your hands will be warm inside these cozy gloves.

Sometimes when the gloves get wet, the strap might come off. That won’t be the case with this product because their closure strap is well designed addressing this issue. It will keep the gloves firmly on your hands. To improve dexterity, they have come with Lycra and stretchable spandex.

You won’t have to take off the gloves constantly, thanks to these features. What’s more, they have introduced inner stitching in the gloves that will prevent snagging on them. So, you will be working with contentment with the gloves knowing they are well protected from wearing down fast.

Now, the most outstanding feature the gloves come with is the ability to work with touchscreens. There aren’t many products that offer this. You won’t have to take the gloves off every time the phone rings, thanks to the special fingertips they’ve come with.


  • Touch-screen fingertips
  • Inner stitching to prevent tears
  • Strong closure strap to keep the gloves firmly on the hands


  • Short wrist

5. Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves, Large, 3 Pair

Have you seen any product that comes with three pairs of gloves? If not, then look at this one. You won’t have to buy gloves in years to come if you happen to own this outstanding pack. And it gets better; there are four different sizes available for them.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect size for your hands. The nitrile coating the gloves come with is resistant to particular types of oils. You certainly won’t complain about having an uncomfortable grip with these pairs.

They are abrasion-resistant so that you can work with rough objects. This has to be appreciated since this is a unique feature only a few products have nowadays. They have designed the wrist in a way so that no particles or debris can get in with the gloves on. It’s tight and comfy.

Maxiflex has also introduced a microfoam coating that covers the whole exterior surface of the gloves. It enhances breathability during work. Thus, your hands won’t get all sweaty during long working hours.

Designers have done a tremendous job to make you comfortable using these gloves. It comes with a form-fit style. Due to this, there will be no hand fatigue. Also, gripping things will become easier for this. All these features make it a great product it is. Therefore, we recommend it highly.

Your electric jobs, as well as other tough works, will become much more convenient with these gloves on your hands.


  • Impressive form-fit style
  • Microfoam coating ensures high breathability
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Starts to stretch excessively after a while

6. OTC 3991-12 Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves

OTC 3991-12 Large Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves

Do you often have to deal with electrical wires and cables that come with high voltages? Then you need to check out these non-conductive gloves we are about to review. We couldn’t find such a sturdy pair of gloves that can take on the toughest of tasks.

With these on hand, you will be a confident electrician being free from worries about any mishaps.

To provide you with warmth during cold, windy weather, they have introduced an outer lining made of leather. It provides perfect insulation. When it comes to breathability, it might not be the best in this aspect. But, if you are looking for protection more than comfort, you are looking at the right gloves.

Also, it’s cheap as far as electrical gloves go. Not many pair of gloves out there is suitable for risky businesses like this one. Manufacturers of this product have given priority to safety. Good electricians need that to be able to do their job confidently.

Even if it’s 1000 volts AC, you can still do the job wearing these highly protective pair of gloves. On a cold day, you are going to love putting them on while heading for the work. Even if there’s an accident on the job site, the gloves will provide you with good protection that will leave you unharmed.

It is made in a way so that it can deal toughly with an energized component. The pair may be too large for some people. If you do not have fairly big hands, it would be better to check out the smaller version of this available in the market.

Make sure to inspect your gloves regularly to check whether they are in good form or not. Have them certified and tested every six months.


  • High safety feature
  • Provides perfect insulation
  • Great price


●      Low breathability

7. Youngstown Glove 03-3110-80-L Carpenter Plus Gloves

Youngstown Glove 03-3110-80-L Carpenter Plus Gloves

We are talking about an expensive pair of insulated gloves for electricians. But it will be worth the money. Among the most important things you need to take into consideration before buying gloves, is the build. And these guys are as strongly built as you can imagine.

It will be very durable. You won’t have to worry about any damage for quite a while if you go for these. There are plenty of impressive features included in this product. One of which is the shortened fingers, the three lateral ones: thumb, index, and middle fingers. This results in improved dexterity.

During working for long periods, hands usually become sweaty. But, they won’t be if you have these gloves on. The gloves protect from sweat, thanks to the special cloth they come with.

One cannot help but recognize the outstanding build of these gloves. This is because there are multiple fibers associated with it. You can do regular electric works with it as well as use it in tough situations.

In terms of design, they have done a fine job. They have made it ergonomic. Thus, you will feel comfortable using them, no matter how difficult the work is. For ensuring durability, they have double-stitched the gloves. This way, it won’t tear while working with rough objects.

There is one little issue with the gloves, though. They might not be the smoothest and softest of gloves. Some users found them abrasive also.


  • Very strongly built
  • Come with double stitches
  • Protects from sweat


  • Some users complained of these being abrasive

Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Next Pair of Electrical Work Gloves

It might not seem like a big deal to buy a pair of gloves. But, if you want the best pair for yourself, you might as well make some effort. The work gloves come with different features. So, the best pair for you would depend on your work conditions. Different purposes ask for different styles of gloves.

The market comes with numerous designs and types of gloves. Let us talk about the most common ones in brief so that you can decide which one would suit your needs. This is an item that will always accompany you in your work. So, make sure you choose the right one.

Types of Gloves​

There are multiple types of gloves available in the market. They all come with different features to do a wide range of works. Before going for a pair, you need to set your priorities first. Once you are certain about the jobs you will do with the gloves, you should look for the particular type that will be most handy.

First, decide whether you want a multipurpose pair or a regular one. These facts will play an important role in making the right choice of gloves. Being certain about these will allow you to look for the right material.

For a specialized task, it would be better to look for a relatively expensive pair of gloves, since they are more likely to deliver. It wouldn’t be wise to give priority to saving money in this case.

The gloves with high price usually come with more sturdiness and special design that will make your work more convenient.

Here are some types of low voltage electrical gloves that you might find use in:


If the work you do is furnace or welding, take a look at this particular type of gloves. It comes with a specialty in keeping the heat level lower for the worker. Thus the person stays safe and protected from burns.


This is a very common type of gloves that are used for electrical work, roofing, and yard work. Pairs made with this material will protect your hands from blisters during the work.


This is another common option. For doing all sorts of yard work, you will find them extremely useful. Their lightweight makes them a good option for electric works, insulation, painting, or gardening.

In terms of breathability, they are on the lesser side. But, they will provide you with the firmest of grips. For increasing grip, they come with elevated bumps inside. These gloves are known to be very durable.

Full Leather

With these pairs, you can do a lot of intense work, such as landscaping, yard work, construction, electrical work, and woodworking. They are the most durable and toughest of gloves out there.

With these on, you will be well-protected from any injury. You can be safe from sparks and cuts. Adding insulated liners will let them give you protection from electrical pulses.


This is a simple type of gloves that you can throw away once the work gets completed. These gloves make a very good option for preparing food and painting.

With lighter chemicals, they will also be useful. In terms of dexterity, no other gloves can beat them. And in keeping milder irritants away, there’s no match for them either. These can also be used as low voltage electrical gloves.

Metal Mesh

This is a specialized option. For any type of works that have to do with cutting tools or sharp tools, you can keep this type of gloves with you for safety. You will be protected from cuts and other injuries with these on. 

Leather Palm

This is an alternative option for full leather gloves. These gloves will provide durability. You can use them for carpentry, yard work, construction, and lumber. They will also be beneficial while working with power tools.

For protection against cuts and injury, you will find them useful. Also, you will have flexibility in work with these pairs.


It’s extremely important that the gloves you are purchasing fit your hands. If you fail to get the right-sized pair for your hands, and they end up being loose; they will come off anytime.

That will make the work difficult for you to accomplish. Also, gloves that are too tight will break or rip, exposing your hands to harmful objects. That is why you need the right fit to get the job done easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it okay for an electrician to wear rubber gloves?

Yes, it is fine. There’s a recommendation by OSHA to wear such gloves for electric works.

2. How do I know the right size of gloves for me?

Manufacturers supply a sizing guide usually. Check that to find the right size for you.

3. How should I wash the gloves?

The processes will vary according to the materials used in the gloves. Usually, there is a care instruction in place. Go through it and follow the instruction to ensure durability and safety of the gloves.

4. How do rubber gloves protect from shock?

Rubber, being an insulator, prevents the electric current from passing through it. Thus, these gloves protect you from shock.

5. What is the voltage the leather gloves can deal with?

It is around 50 volts.


Hope you have found the best electrician work gloves for you by going through the reviews.

If you haven’t, then give the reviews a read again and see which one checks all the right boxes for you. Think about their pros and cons and decide whether it will be worth it.

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