Carrying heavy tools frequently with your hands or back can take a toll on your body. That is why you need a good bag that is both comfortable to haul around, and can accommodate the tools that you need to get the job done. This DEWALT DGL523 review will give you an idea to choose the best electrician tool bags available in the market.

Tool backpacks are the ideal work accessory for contractors and technicians alike. They are good for transporting large quantities of tools. Also, they make it easy to access the tools in the bag because they have compartments to hold different tools in place. 

The Dewalt DGL523 is a heavy-duty bag designed to handle a lot of weight and the rough working places that its users need. In this review, we are going to look at features that make the Dewalt DGL523 a tool backpack worth investing in.

Review of the Dewalt DGL523 (DGL523 Specification)

The Dewalt DGL523 tool bag is a handy pick for busy contractors who need to carry a lot of accessories with them to the job site. Work tools are heavy and backpacks make it easier and effective to carry them without straining your arms, which you need for the job.

 Dewalt backpack is an ideal choice for many because it has 57 pockets in varying sizes for all your tools. Users will love the LED light in the backpack for lighting inside the bag and for illuminating working areas.

Features of the Dewalt DGL523

Dewalt DGL523
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Multi-Use Pockets

There is nothing better than a well-organized workbag. A good one will have both shallow and deep pockets to fit tools of different height and sizes. The Dewalt tool bag measures 7.4” x 8.5” x 4.45”, and it features 48 multi-use inside pockets, nine outside pockets for easy access to your tools, and a weight of five pounds. According to Dewalt, the tool bag can hold a drill, extension cords, pliers, wrenches, drill bits and other types of tools you need.

This bag has one large inner compartment for holding bigger and bulkier tools. The large compartment opens all the way with the rear panel laying flat to allow for easy access of all the tools inside. This is very appealing as the compartment is not just a bottomless pit where your tools will lie disorganized. The fact that your tools have different pockets to lie in means the delicate ones are protected in case your bag takes a fall.  We all know some
tools can be quite pricey so the need to get a bag that protects them is equally important.

A backpack with many pockets allows weight distribution in the bag since the tools are held properly in their pockets without swaying with the movement. This well-distrusted weight makes it easy to carry without taking causing unnecessary strain on the users back and

Well-Padded for Comfort

Since you may be carrying many tools, you need all the comfort the bag can offer. This backpack has large back pads for comfort and protection from any tool that may poke your back while on the move.

A bag without shoulder pads is highly uncomfortable. This is because of the friction due to movement. The weight you carry always pull the bag backward and the shoulder straps may end up causing injury by digging into your shoulders. That is why we recommend a well-cushioned backpack for daily use. It’s comfortable and will protect your shoulders from injury. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable to accommodate different body heights and offer the preferred level of comfort to the contractor.

The Dewalt backpack comes with a thick back padding where the bag holds the most weight for lumbar support. The backpack comes with a well-padded base foot to help reduce wear and abrasion that can be caused by placing the bag on a rough surface.

Fixed LED Light

This backpack comes with an inbuilt Led light that is very convenient. Thanks to the two AA batteries that power it, you will always have a source of light even if you happen to forget your headlamp. The light can be directed to light up a work area and is very useful for illuminating inside the back to help you identify tools and parts. Producing 39 Lumens, and with three levels of light output, it’s sufficient to light up a small work area or for close-up work.


This Dewalt backpack is durable. Made with weatherproof fabric, it keeps the moisture out of your tools. The heavy-duty nylon fabric makes it an all-weather bag that can be used during
sweltering heat or rain. Your tools will be protected from moisture at all times.

The heavy-duty bottom rubber pad helps keep the bag upright. It also prevents moisture from entering the backpack. Having a water-resistant bottom gives the user the freedom to put the bag on any surface whether wet or dry.

Zippers are the weakest link in a backpack. Dewalt zippers are durable and will lock all moisture out and secure your tools from falling out. They are made out of a lightweight material that is rustproof and heat resistant.

What we like

  • Has many pockets for all your tools.Comes with a back pad for comfort.
  • Has LED lighting.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Made durable to last long.

What we don’t like

  • Customers complained about issues with straps.
  • Zipper handles may break off after a few weeks of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this backpack capable of holding a cordless drill?

A: Yes, the Dewalt DGL523 has a large compartment that can accommodate a drill.

Q: Does the backpack have a light for interior and exterior lighting?

A: The backpack had one LED light that is rotated to light both outside and inside the bag.

Q: Would a tool belt fit in the bag?

A: Yes, a tool belt will fit comfortably in the bag. This is, of course, if there are few items inside with adequate space available. 


If you are looking for a durable backpack for your tools, you may want to get the Dewalt backpack. It’s well compartmentalized with 57 pockets to store tools of different heights and sizes. This durable backpack is easy to carry and accessing your tool is made easy thanks to zippers that open fully. It is easy on your shoulders and back thanks to its good cushioning. This backpack is affordable and functional making it a great investment for your tools. 

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