Electrician Tools List- A Complete List of Essential Tools For An Electrician

Specialized work like electrical installations needs the right tools. The sheer number of electrical tools needed for a job can be staggering. Therefore, electricians need tools that are versatile and can perform a number of tasks. 

Contractors need both hand and power tools that do the job more effectively. We have narrowed down the list to the top 10 essential hand and power tools that you would need in your tool bag for electrical work. Read out the electrician tools list that made for you.

Tool List for Electrician

Table of Contents


EPliersvery electrician needs basic hand tools to perform everyday tasks. Pliers come in many styles and you need several of them. Side cutting pliers and long nose pliers are great choices to have in your tool bag.

There are many types and it all boils down to preference and task. A good pair of nose pliers should have built-in cutters or even better if they have a stripping hole for wires.

Side cutting pliers are very useful. They are used to cut wires, nails, staples, MC cables, and other hard materials. Make sure that the jaws are hardened for durability.


electrical screwdriverAs an electrician, you need several screwdrivers to work with many types of fasteners for different nuts and enclosing. Choose a screwdriver with chrome plated and heat-treated shaft to last longer. 

Also, choose one that adapts to perform many tasks. For instance, choose a 10-in -1 screwdriver. This way you save cost and your tool bag become lighter. A screwdriver with a well-cushioned shaft will save you from many a blister.

Wire Strippers

Since you are working with wires at all times, you need a good wire stripper in your arsenal of tools. These strippers cut, strip and loop stranded and solid wire. Wire strippers wear out easily and need replacing regularly. That’s not to say you can’t find a good pair in the market. A simple pair of wire strippers with voltage tester is all you need. Get one with an ergonomic design, a curved handle fits into an electrician’s grip and reduces motion fatigue.

Fish Tapes

Fish Tapes

A fish tape’s use is to pull stranded or solid wire through metal or PVC conduit. Fish tapes aid in wire installation by facilitating wire pulling through ceiling or walls. Choose a fiberglass tape to work with when dealing with live circuits and steel tape for everyday use. You will need a sturdy fish tape that is able to pierce through installation. 

A 15 feet fish tape with glow is what we recommend. It’s long enough to work across thick surfaces and the glow brings visibility in dim work areas.

Measuring Tape

Measuring TapeA tape measure that works with you is a great asset in your tool bag. This is a compulsory item in every electrician tools list. You are going to be measuring many things, locating light fixtures, laying conduit runs and bends, mounting boxes and just a bunch of other things that need a decent tape to measure. 

That is why you need one with a strong heavy-duty blade that doesn’t break off easily. Get one with magnetic tips that stick to steel, it makes measuring alone easier. A 25-foot double sided tape is great because you want to stretch is as far as possible and is great for taking measurements from below.


electric drillA good drill is a great addition to an electrician’s bag. You will be drilling or fastening screws all the time. A good hammer could do the job, but a good drill will make your work easier and faster. Drills come corded or cordless. A corded drill has power all the time since it’s attached to a power source. A cordless drill works with rechargeable batteries.

A cordless drill is the right choice when working in tight spaces. A hammer drill is even better because it will work with both wood and concrete. Long battery life is necessary for you to work longer without having to recharge.

Avoid getting cheaper drill sets as their lifespan is limited and batteries don’t last long. Get a drill with lithium batteries if it is within your reach budget wise. Drills are not cheap, so invest wisely.


SawThe type of power saws needed will depend on the job at hand. Due to their versatility, handheld reciprocating power saws are the best. Spiral saws, hole saws, cut-off saws, and portable saws can also be used.

There are both corded and cordless power saws. A corded power saw performs better because a lot of power and speed is needed when cutting through metal, concrete, and cutting studs. A cordless power saw is great when cutting drywall from above because it offers flexibility. 

Another important feature you need to look out for is sturdiness. Go for power blades that can withstand the force of cutting through a tough material without breaking up.

Conduit Bender

Conduit BenderThis tool is very important and does just one purpose, to bend conduit. Electrical metal tubing (EMT) is the most common grade of pipes used and it comes in 10-foot lengths so you will have to bend it at some point.

It takes time and patience to bend conduit properly. That is why you need the right tool f

or this job. Electricians need to have conduit benders in ½” and ¾” sizes in the tool bag.

Electrical Meters and Testers- Mandatory Item of an Electrician Tools List

Electrical Meters and TestersEvery electrician’s tool bag needs meters and testers. You need a multi-meter reading up to 600volts and should be able to detect current continuity. A clamp-on style multi-meter with amperage is ideal.

A non-contact tester is a necessary tool. This small tool is very important; it can actually save you from electrocution. Testers that use removal batteries are easy to use. Another tester that needs to be in your kit is the plug tester. They are inexpensive and easy to get in any hardware.


Specialized voltage testers are used to check for continuity and presence of voltage. Most electricians have this cheap tool in their bag even if they have a multi-meter.

Labeling Machine

Labeling MachineLabeling cables saves a great amount of time and hassle when making additions or changes later on. A labeling machine speeds up the whole process and prints bar code graphics memory to sort lists. Get a handheld labeling tool with an electric keyboard that is capable of making marks on tough and arched surfaces. If you can find one that is compatible with your PC the more versatile, it is.


Electricians need many tools and the demand for tools depend on the job undertaken. A sturdy tool belt, cut resistant gloves, safety goggles, and a headlamp are equally important for an electrician tools list.

It is important to purchase quality tools that will last longer saving you money in the end. Finally, your safety should be a top priority when handling these tools. Keep safe and stay alive

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